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There's a lot of competition out there on the web. That means in order to build websites that sell, they need to stand out.

In order to stand out, HTML, CSS and a sprinkle of JavaScript are the best tools you have at your disposal. With each and every video we try to teach you a tiny detail in frontend — a detail that makes the difference in the products you build.

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Framer Motion

Framer Motion is one of the most popular animation libraries for React. It enables you to make fairly complicated animations with little effort.

Framer Motion Course

As part of the PRO subscription I'm currently working on a Framer Motion course. First parts will release soon!

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Check the curriculum of the course to learn more about it, and subscribe to PRO while it's still €99. You will receive an email when it releases!

Framer Motion Logo

Rebuilding Linear's Homepage

In this series we are rebuilding Linear's amazing homepage. A well crafted website that is full of small design details.


CSS might seem simple at first glance. But don't be fooled!