Teaching you the craft of frontend.

Over the past years frontend grew so much — it definitely deserves being its own specialism.

My goal is teaching you all the nitty gritty details in frontend, enabling you to create experiences that make people smile when using them.

Framer Motion Course Out NOW

The first 3 modules of the Framer Motion course are out now!
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Teaching you professional best practices to create the best frontend out there. Watch the latest video below — you will like it.

I Made my Own Picture-in-Picture player

I guess I'm not the only one getting distracted easily when watching a video, right? That is exactly why I created my custom picture in picture player for my course videos.

Video cover image of video: I Made my Own Picture-in-Picture player

Framer Motion Course

Learn all about animating the web with Framer Motion in my new course! The first three modules are out NOW.

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Learning to find solutions on your own is a vital skill to have. Though sometimes it is also very helpful to have an experienced developer at your disposal, who can prevent you from going down the wrong rabbit hole.

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Not everybody has an experienced frontend developer on their team. By joining our Discord server you can pick my brain with any frontend related questions.

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These one-on-one sessions give you direct access to my time and knowledge. During these sessions we can discuss any questions you have, set goals together and help you grow as a frontend developer.

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