Navigating frontend development can be a real challenge. The internet is full of free resources, but it's often confusing, contradictory, and not always ready for real-world use.

That is where my courses make a difference. I focus on teaching you skills that are not just theoretical but truly production-ready!

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Frontend is very broad, and trying to master everything is impossible. It's about focus and making choices what to learn and what not (yet). But what should you learn then?

I believe it starts with finding someone whose frontend vision resonates with you. And if my approach feels right, then you've found your match. You don't have to navigate the endless sea of resources alone. We simplify the journey with our structured, easy-to-understand courses in Frontend FYI PRO.

You'll learn from someone who's opinionated, whose work you admire, and who can guide you through the maze of frontend, helping you become a master in your own right.

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The first modules are out now, and new modules will be released every few weeks!

Crafting Beautiful Experiences With Framer Motion

The right animations breathe life into web pages, while over-the-top ones can be a distraction. In this course, I will teach you the perfect balance, diving deep into the world of meaningful animations.