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Don't want the PRO subscription, but still want access to Discord? We also offer a discounted option to only get access to Discord.

By asking a small fee, it becomes possible for me to really dedicate hours a week to helping you, instead of it being something I do on the side with time left in the week.

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So what does the server offer?

An amazing place where fellow frontend developers come together to learn from each other. Since everyone pays a small fee, everyone will be a lot more motivated to learn and grow. I will be on the server as well to help you where possible, as I will dedicate real time every week to helping you.

As for the channels, we currently have channels for discussing anything frontend related from general JavaScript or TypeScript questions, HTML, CSS, a11y, and libraries like Next.js and Remix. Since we're just starting out we don't want to have too many channels from the start, so this will be something that grows overtime and that can be decided by us as a community.

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