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With Frontend.FYI PRO I am creating the best investment in becoming a better frontend engineer you can make.

You pay once, get immediate access to my Framer Motion course and any new courses I release in the future. Forever.

Perfect use of your learning budget!

Why go pro?

Premium courses

YouTube content can only go so deep. With my hand-built course platform I teach you concepts from A to Z.

The courses contain both text and video explanations, as well as many exercises for you to practice in our live playground.

Check the Framer Motion Course

There's some free preview lessons too!

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Pro includes a private Discord server. Being a closed group ensures we all want to reach the maximum potential.

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Pay once

A single course often costs more than the Pro membership. With Pro you invest in your future once, and don't stop learning ever.

My goal with Frontend.FYI is creating the go-to platform to grow your frontend skills and become an expert at the craft. Without annoying subscriptions.


  • Access to premium videos, articles, and courses - Framer Motion course out NOW!
  • Lifetime access to our Discord server
  • Invoice for easy reimbursement with your learning budget
  • Source code of all videos and articles
  • Monthly group Q&A sessions
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€499,- €149,-

One time payment, lifetime access.

Early bird pricing

I'm currently working on the first course, all about Framer Motion. Over time more courses will be added, and the price will go up. Because I'm still working on the first course, you have this unique chance of joining for this insane price.

Why go PRO?

While the YouTube channel offers fantastic free content, the PRO membership takes learning to a whole new level. No monthly subscriptions: with just one payment, you'll have lifetime access to an ever-growing library of premium materials, making it the perfect investment for your learning budget! And don't forget about the Discord access you get as well!

What's included?

Currently I'm working on the very first pro course, all about Framer Motion! There's already six modules live and more are coming soon.

The goal with Pro is to keep adding new courses on a regular basis, teaching you new topics about the craft of frontend. Topics on my list next are TailwindCSS and TypeScript. You can have influence on what's next too!

What can you expect?

Currently I'm planning on working on the following projects as part of Pro

  • Framer Motion course: Starting at the basics, preparing you to build the advanced stuff! First modules out now!

  • TailwindCSS course (soon): Let's start from scratch, and build an app together, touching on everything Taildwind.
  • TypeScript course (soon): Explore the value of TypeScript and learn how to implement it effectively in your projects.
  • Exciting Rebuild Projects: Be prepared for more amazing rebuilds like my Rebuilding Linear or Rebuilding series !
  • ... and so much more!

The Pro Membership is your gateway to stay at the forefront of frontend development. So, join us today, and embark on an enriching learning journey that will propel your skills to new heights!

Remember, once you're in, you're in for life - no more barriers to accessing premium content. Don't miss this chance to invest in your future and become part of our exclusive Pro community!

I'm ready to join!

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