Hey, I'm Jeroen

I love to teach you the craft of frontend development.

I'm a frontend developer from The Netherlands, with well over a decade of professional experience in frontend development. During my career I've worked at multiple smaller and bigger agencies, as well as discovered the world of freelancing.

During that time I've built lots of things, ranging from Facebook apps (Yes I'm that old 😅), to marketing websites with super sexy animations, complicated single page self service portals and everything in between.

I always combined that with the love of teaching. But teaching at a company makes that your influence is fairly small. I want to let more people experience my way of teaching, and become that frontend expert. That's why I started

A photo of me while recording a video

Focus on frontend.

Even though I do have my share of experience with backend development – the thing that makes my work stand out, is the attention to detail on the frontend part.

Things need to look good, feel good, be fast and be accessible. And that takes a LOT of effort. Frontend is a vast field — so big that it is a specialism on its own. Probably even 25 specialisms. Fullstack development is very hot nowadays, however I'm convinced that it's very challenging to be an expert in both frontend and backend. You won't deliver the same experiences.

That's why I want to teach you how to become that frontend expert, leaving the backend part to other experts.

I will teach you anything from making sure your site is accessible, performant and well architectured, all the way to making amazing animations . And everything in between.

Keep in mind though, becoming an expert takes a lot of time, and a lot of trial and error. I can't make you an expert in a few hours. But I can give you the tools and resources to become one. After that it's up to you to put in the hours to become that expert.

My goal with Frontend.FYI

With this platform I want to create an awesome teaching platform, teaching you how to become a great frontend developer yourself. There's so much great web development content out there, but often they miss quite a lot of nuances, or are teaching in a way that would never work in a professional environment.

I want to teach you how to build stuff in a professional way, like you would also use it when working at an agency or product company.

Both paid and free content

First off: I will always keep on making free content on YouTube! However, making a living by releasing YouTube content requires you to have a LOT of viewers, something that right now is still far away.

Because of that, I will also be focussing on creating dedicated paid videos as part of Frontend.FYI Pro . On top of that, this also enables me to dive deeper in certain topics, which would otherwise be too long for the YouTube audience.

While I'm working on the first paid videos / video courses, access to this PRO plan is still at a very low price. By buying now (no subscriptions! — One time payment gives you lifetime access!) , you show me you support this vision and enable me to put out this content faster. I really appreciate it if you do!

Reach out to me

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