Frontend is a craft — not a neccessary evil when building a website. Giving frontend proper love is a key ingredient to building products that will stand out.

Building these experiences, requires engineers who make this their sole specialism. I want to help you become one of them.

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Frontend development is a rapidly evolving field with new standards popping up every week, browsers adopting new features faster than ever before, and the ability to build practically anything with frontend tooling. With so much to learn and keep up with, where do you even start?

You need someone who's opinionated

That's why I'm opinionated (and don't do Angular 😉), a huge fan of React, but always open to new ideas on the horizon. I'm convinced that to grow in frontend, you need to focus on the things that are important right now, avoid immidiately jumping on a new hype train, and concentrate on the fundamentals of frontend that apply to every new framework.

My goal is to teach you to create online experiences that stand out by making frontend the most critical piece of the puzzle. I'll show you how to make the craziest things with CSS and even fall in love with it. You'll learn about groups of visually impaired people who also try to use the web or people who don't have the same speedy internet as you. You'll discover that TypeScript is not as scary as you might think 🫣.

A whole new world

I'll also introduce you to frontend areas you never knew existed, from CSS, accessibility, and performance to JavaScript/TypeScript and library-specific things like React or NextJS, or more technical things like generating types from your backend API's to make frontend life easier. I'll make you a frontend engineer who stands out from the rest.