Frontend is a craft — not a neccessary evil when building a website. Giving frontend proper love is a key ingredient to building products that will stand out from the competition.

After working as a frontend engineer myself for well over a decade, I also know navigating the frontend landscape can be overwhelming. Where do you even start, what should and shouldn't you learn? To help you in this journey, I'm offering mentorship sessions next to the free and paid content I put out on the web.

There is a lot of great free content on the web

First off I want to let you know that everything I teach you is online on the web somewhere – for free! Nothing I know or have learned is a secret or hidden in a book that you only find in a single bookstore.

What I do bring though is many years of experience building real world production applications. During that time I had to navigate the maze of frontend frameworks, libraries, and toolings myself. I've made many mistakes along the way, invested many many hours to understand certain topics, and have learned a lot from my people I've worked with.

With my mentorship I don't want to imply I can make you a frontend rockstar in a few weeks. What I can tell help you with though is save you a lot of time and frustration by helping you to focus on the right things, and avoid the wrong things. If you combine that by putting in enough hours yourself, you will be able to grow your frontend skills much faster than someone who has to figure everything out themselves.

You need someone who is opinionated

Frontend is a specialism that's too big to learn it all. Especially when you are just starting out. I am convinced that as frontend developer you need to focus and master a few things, instead of wanting to learn every library out there.

That is why I am convinced in order to focus on the right things, you need to find a mentor who is opinionated. A mentor who does not jump on each and every hype train out there, but rather can give you focus and piece of mind, knowing that if you focus on these technologies you will be able to build amazing things. Tell you that you don't need to worry about this new fancy library that just came out.

All the aspects of frontend

My goal is to teach you to create online experiences that stand out by making frontend the most critical piece of the puzzle. I'll show you how to make the craziest things with CSS and even fall in love with it. You'll learn about groups of visually impaired people who also try to use the web or people who don't have the same speedy internet as you. You'll discover that TypeScript is not as scary as you might think 🫣.

I'll also introduce you to frontend areas you never knew existed, from CSS, accessibility, and performance to JavaScript/TypeScript and library-specific things like React or NextJS, or more technical things like generating types from your backend API's to make frontend life easier. I'll make you a frontend engineer who stands out from the rest.

Curious to see how we could work together?

Schedule a session

This session is great for us to get to know each other, and for me to explain what value I could offer you during follow up sessions.

With this session we are both able to find out if our goals and expectations align. Based on which we can decide if we would like to work together more.

You can only book this session once since this intro chat has a special discount applied to it.

Book 25 min for €49

A payment link will follow after the booking. All prices are excl. VAT.

Example topics I could help you with

Technical things

My website needs to comply with WCAG standards — where do I start?

So many libraries and frameworks out there nowadays, let me help you decide what to adopt

Review your current platform's architecture and create a plan to improve it

How do I solve ... in React?

*This* is not working in Safari — help!

Helping you as an individual

I want to grow as a frontend engineer, what should I learn next?

I would love to get a code review on *this*

How to best prepare for my job interview?

How can I give better feedback in pull requests?

And even broader topics impacting a whole team or company like:

Headless?! SSR, SSG, ISR, what will this bring to my company?

Headless?! SSR, SSG, ISR, why are all my engineers talking about this?

An agency is going to build this product for us and they say it takes them x amount of time, is that reasonable?

Can you build enterprise software with React? (duh ;))

We know we need to give more love to the frontend of our app, but could use some guidance on that.

I don't think you should wait any longer to schedule that intro session 😉