How I Rebuild This Apple TV+ Page With Framer Motion And TailwindCSS

In this video we'll be rebuilding the Apple TV+ page with Tailwind and Framer Motion. Get ready for to learn how to make some satisfying animations!

Code on Github
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... Almost ready!

In this rebuild we will be recreating the Apple TV+ page with Tailwind and Framer Motion. On this page you find many animations that are triggered based on the user’s scroll position.

We will be creating scroll animations that are both connected to your scroll, as well as animations that fire once you reach a certain scroll position. The rebuild will start from scratch, setup a new empty Vite project, and start building all the components from scratch.

That means you will not only learn how to create these great scroll animations, but you will also learn how you can create these Tailwind componetns from scratch. Just like you could use them in a real world project.

Be sure to check both the code as well as the video on the top of this page.