CSS container queries — it was worth the long wait!

Container queries open up so much more possibilities and make your components so much more versatile.

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CSS Container queries have been a highly anticipated web feature that has been under discussion for almost over a decade. Zach Leatherman has put together an excellent summary, showing the various iterations and potential names that have been proposed throughout the years. Initially, there were concerns about the feasibility of implementing container queries. One of the major challenges was handling scenarios where a container query triggered a breakpoint, but the subsequent changes caused the container element to become smaller again, resulting in a reverse of the breakpoint and potentially leading to an infinite loop.

Fortunately, the CSS working group came up with a solution to address these challenges. Since the end of 2022, container queries have become available in all major browsers. In this video, I will demonstrate how you can utilize container queries and explore the vast range of possibilities they offer.