Lesson 3/8

The useInView hook

My first go to for scroll animations is the whileInView prop discussed on the previous lesson. However, there are cases where you would like to have a variable in JavaScript too.

You might want to trigger specific events, play a sound, or run other JavaScript logic based on the inview state of an element. For this, there is a hook called useInView.

Basic implementation

The useInView hook is a function that accepts a ref to an HTML element. It will then track if that element is in view or not and return a boolean for you with that state.

As you can see in the example below, the hook does not return its own ref, but rather expects you to pass one.

const Component = () => {
const elementRef = useRef(null);
const isInView = useInView(elementRef);
return (
<div ref={elementRef} />

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