Lesson 2/5

Responsiveness without media queries

This first lesson isn’t about Framer Motion, but might very well be the most enlightening lesson in this module.

Skip the media query entirely

This doesn’t mean you have to go all over board with super complicated CSS to prevent writing media queries. Just like everything in web development it is a balance between complexity and maintainability.

There are however quite some ways of writing your styles in a way that you don’t need media queries. These are what I want to show you in this lesson.

The web is responsive by default

If you just add a div on a page and add some text in there, it will be responsive. This is how the web was built. It’s only when us humans step in and think we can write the best code ever, we start messing it up.

I mean – just resize me. The text will automatically adjust. No media queries needed at all. (The resizing only works on desktop 😉)

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